Services for Brno citizens

Services for Brno citizens

SAKO Brno, a.s. provides services for the city that are related to the collection and transport of municipal waste – collection, transport and energy recovery of waste (black refuse bins and dumpsters), collection, transport and reuse of recoverable municipal waste components (colour bins) and operation of waste collection centres including the transport of waste from the waste collection centres. SAKO Brno, a.s. also reclaims illegal rubbish dumps for Brno.

We help the citizens daily with mixed municipal waste

  • we collect mixed municipal waste in Brno
  • we install refuse bins for mixed municipal waste for the citizens
  • we replace damaged bins for the citizens
  • we recover mixed municipal waste energy to produce heat and electricity

We take care of waste sorting in

  • we collect the sorted waste separately
  • we install sorted waste colour bins in the streets
  • we convert sorted waste into raw materials in our own post-sorting line
  • we operate waste collection centres in Brno
  • we collect other as well as hazardous waste from the waste collection centres
  • we provide and collect large-capacity dumpsters

We remove illegal refuse dumps

We can advise you in what to do with your waste