Welcome to ENVIcentre

Welcome to the website of ENVIcentre, in many respects a unique environmental education site in our company. Its main mission is to introduce everything related to waste management in a natural and entertaining form based on personal experience. We wish to introduce waste as an important secondary raw material which greatly contributes to renewable energy savings while eliminating the deep-rooted prejudice related to its energy processing.

What can you look forward in ENVIcentre

ENVIcentre is a presentation room at the head office of SAKO Brno. This is where you can get a host of interesting and useful information about ecological waste management. The services of our ENVIcentre are intended for all age groups. We emphasise work with children and youth but we have also prepared programmes and excursions for university students, general and professional public. With respect to the excursions and presentations we always take into account the age and proficiency level of the visitors. The visitors - big and small- can see on their own what happens to waste from its collection through sorting all the way to its energy recovery.

This is our offer of environmental awareness programmes, just pick and choose:

  • Workshops for upper primary schools focusing on waste sorting, with a visit to the post-sorting line.
  • Workshops for upper primary schools focusing on waste sorting, with a visit to the post-sorting line.
  • Excursions with a presentation for upper primary school pupils and interest groups from the general public (a minimum of 10 people).
  • Excursions with a specialist lecture and tour of the incinerator for secondary school and university students and professional public organised in cooperation with the environmental department.
  • The general public greatly enjoys the Open House Days which offer a rich programme every year full of games, contents, excursions, cultural events and interesting information for all age groups of visitors.

All ENVIcentre activities are free for non-commercial entities.

We look forward to your visit,

Your SAKO Brno