Waste collection centre

Waste collection centre

Waste collection centres are fenced and secured premises fitted with dumpsters for collection of waste that should not be disposed of in standard mixed municipal waste bins. They are intended for Brno citizens to dispose of the following types of waste:

  • sorted waste
  • hazardous waste
  • bulky waste

The are also used as household appliances recycling centres.

Waste is collected here free of charge. The only items subject to charge are tyres and construction rubble without admixtures and these can only be disposed of in the following waste collection centres:

J. Faimonové, Jana Svobody, Košuličova, Mikulčická, Oblá, Páteřní, Plástky, Pod Kopcem, Sladovnická, Ukrajinská. 

Sanitary unit rubble, asbestos, eternit and plasterboard can be disposed of for a charge at the collection centre ASTV - Líšeňská 35.

Terms and conditions of waste reception at the waste collection centre:

  • the waste collection centre may only be entered by vehicles up to 3.5t
  • follow the waste collection centre operator’s instructions
  • dispose of the waste in containers strictly as instructed by the waste collection centre operators
  • the centre operators are obliged to make a visual check of the received waste, if there is a suspicion of unsuitable waste composition, the operator is entitled to refuse to collect such waste
  • the centre operators are strictly forbidden to handle waste inside your vehicle
  • if the centre does not have a free container capacity to dispose of the waste, the centre operator may refuse to receive the waste and recommend that the visitor should deliver the waste to the nearest suitable
  • bring the waste sorted, and, potentially, sort it in cooperation with the centre operator
  • treat the bulky waste in advance to fit in the container (cut tree branches, wardrobes dismantled into boards, bulky insulation stuffed in bags, etc.)
  • when delivering waste that is subject to a charge it is possible to dispose of the waste in the container only after agreeing with the centre operator on the price of waste collection
  • if waste that is subject to a charge is collected, the centre operator is obliged to issue an accounting documents with a seal and the name of the Statutory City of Brno, containing the name and address of the physical entity, waste catalogue number, waste type, quantity and total amount for the collected waste
  • smoking is strictly forbidden in the entire waste collection centre premises including the entrance gate